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Frequently Asked Questions – Click on the “+” sign for answers

Where are you located?
Do you provide overnight accommodation?
Where can my guests park?
When do I need to notify the Ranch with the number of guests attending and when do menus need to be in place?
Can we have an outdoor event/barbecue on the Lawn?
Can we bring our own food /caterer?
How does beverage (bar) service work?
Can we supply our own alcohol (BYO) or provide a bar?
Do you provide tables and chairs?
What type of table linen is available?
Can I bring my own decorations?
Can we have candles and if so, what are the restrictions?
When is the venue available for setup?
When can we decorate the venue?
Can we arrange to leave items in the venue overnight?
What is included in the venue rental fee?
Can we rent only part of the Ranch or rent the venue for a half day or a couple of hours?
Do we have an extra room for bags/changing/band etc?
Can guests get access to the Gardens before the ceremony?
Can we have a marquee (A roof-like structure, often bearing a signboard,) or tents on the lawn?
Is there Wedding Officiator in Horsefly?
How long will my reception last?
What are the SOCAN & Re:Sound charges?
Are we able to use a friend/s as the DJ/Band
Can we bring our own entertainment or production company?
Can we play our own music from a laptop or digital device?
Its summer and we're having drinks in the garden - can our musicians play outside?
Do you supply audio-visual equipment?
Can we use our own florist or photographer?
Where can I have pictures taken?
Is Confetti Allowed?
Can we have fireworks?
Can we smoke inside the venue?
Who will be there from Sunshine Ranch on the day and what will they do?
How do I secure the venue for my wedding or special event?
What is the deposit and payment arrangement?

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