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Services and Rates

Available Dates: June until September

Rent for Venue  $ 4000 ,if you set up and decorate . Set up on Friday take down on Sunday.
Rent for Venue  $ 4550, if you set up and decorate on Friday and we take down and clean up on Sunday.

Rent for Venue  $ 5000, if you supply all the decor , we do all the set up, decorating, take down and cleaning.

Full Rental Includes:

  • Setting up and taking down the site for the Ceremony
  • Complex or Garden for Happy Hour
  • Rustic Barn with Saloon for the Reception (The Barn will hold up to 150 people)
  • Parking for all vehicles
  • Friday to Sunday
  • String lights, chandeliers, glass candle holders

Tables, chairs, linens, cutlery, dinnerware and some decorations are on site.

We are happy to supply:

  • Catering Service
  • Appetizer Buffet for Happy Hour
  • Country Style Buffet

For catering prices click here

*Let us know what you are looking for and we will see what we can do for you. View our FAQ’s

Also available:

  • Bartender Service 0-100 P $250.00 – up to 150 P $350.00 (2 Bartenders) 5pm to 2am.
  • We have Non Profit Organizations that provide Designated Driver Services in Horsefly for a flat fee of $200.00, additional donations are welcome.
  • Shuttle bus can be arranged to pick up and drop off people between Horsefly and Williams Lake. Call for a price.

Horsefly Businesses & Services

For more information on Horsefly and some of the local businesses, visit:
B &B’s are available in Horsefly . You will find them on the Horsefly Website. Horsefly Accommodation or check out Airbnb

We have a Wedding Officiator in Horsefly. If interested please call Ellie Seelhof at 250-620-3360

Williams Lake is about a 1 Hour drive from Horsefly with additional accommodations and facilities.

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