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Welcome sign with row of mums by wood fence

The minute you step onto the Sunshine Ranch, the real Ranch Life experience begins.  You will appreciate the view over our fields and meadows where our herds of beef cattle and ranch horses graze the Cariboo grass.  Versatile and adaptive, we have something for everyone.

Ranching is a year-round and diverse lifestyle. During the spring calving season, our barns are filled with the sounds of newborn calves paired with their watchful mothers having their first examinations and inoculations. We take pride in the health and soundness of our cattle herds and raise sustainable hormone-free beef.

The equipment barns and outbuildings house all of the machinery needed to harvest our fields of hay which we require to feed our cattle through the long Cariboo winters.  During the summer months, the barns are emptied out as the equipment is sent into the fields for the harvesting season.

Throughout this time, our barns, now free of tractors, mowers, and balers are given a cleaning from top to bottom to prepare them for the Wedding and Event season.

Couples arrive from all parts of BC and Canada to share their special day with family and friends, surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors and the sights and experiences of ranch life.  During these months of summer we also book our facilities for reunions and other events.

After the Wedding Season, machinery goes back into the barns and we enter a whole new dimension of our farming lives with the production and sale of our beef merchandise. Our butcher shop is then in full swing with the onset of the hunting season and the manufacture of our own beef products.

Whatever amenity or service you are looking for, we invite you to browse our website to discover more about the beautiful Sunshine Ranch.